About Me

Hi there!

I’m Patrick Icasas, a tech-obsessed writer and project manager from Toronto, Canada. I’m addicted to helping marketers:

  1. Not bore their audiences.
  2. Stay ahead of their workload.

I started this blog because I got frustrated with seeing marketing project managers overworked and understaffed.

There are ways marketers can maximize what they have, whether that’s money in their budget, people on their team, or hours in the day.

I know this, because over the past 15 years (God, that long)? I’ve been a marketer on every side there is–agency side, client side, and freelancer side. I’ve also been both a marketing agency project manager and a customer success consultant for a project management tool called EasyProjects.

So pull up a chair, grab your hot/cold beverage of choice, and stay for a while! I hope to be both entertaining and informative.

Got a question?

Reach out if you have a question about project management, writing, or anything geeky.